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Culligan Water filtration products protect against a variety of water problems - bad smells, mineral deposits, high iron, chlorine, and more. Our high-quality, powerful water filters are the best way to provide safe, filtered water at every tap in your home.
Drinking plenty of water is a pillar of a healthy lifestyle and Culligan can help because we use the latest in filtration technology to reduce harmful contaminants so you can feel good about the water you drink. Drink more fresh, filtered water and be healthy.
From water softeners to drinking water systems and whole home filters to UV lights, Culligan has a water solution that fits your home's needs and budget. Contact us today to improve your water!
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After having Culligan reverse-osmosis equipment installed for our well water, our home has extremely clean water. Everyone that I have interacted with was entirely cooperative and helpful. I like the extreme efficiency of the quarterly deliveries of consumable supplies (basically salt). When they deliver that, they also perform home-water testing, so that we can be sure that the system is still working properly.
Culligan Customer
Gregory Bard
- Culligan Customer