Our customers love their Culligan Water!

You don't have to take our word for it! Sterling Water Culligan customers are saying great things about our Bottleless® Coolers.

Dr. Blane and Rena Christman
DDS of Christman Dental LTD in Chippewa Falls
On any given day, we'd have 10 to 20 one-gallon bottles in the office. The bottles took up precious storage space, and it took staff time to move the bottles. With a Bottleless cooler, our employees are saving time, and they no longer have to lift heavy boxes of bottles.
But, we needed more than drinking water for patients and employees. We needed distilled water for sterilizing instruments. Our Bottleless system serves both purposes, and saves us money, since I no longer need to purchase bottles of distilled water.
Reliable service is a non-negotiable for us. The service we've received has been nothing short of exceptional. We've been in the business for a long time and worked with a lot of vendors – the service from Sterling Water stands alone. Reliability is everything in our business, and we have that with Culligan.
Keith Aron
Senior Engineering Technician at Donaldson Company, Inc. in Stevens Point
We had 34 water bottle units throughout our facility. It was expensive, the units were dirty, and changing the heavy bottles presented injury risks to employees. Sterling Water Culligan installed our Bottleless system in a matter of days. Since then, employee water consumption has increased by 45 percent, which is making a positive impact on employee health. This increase hasn't affected our expenses, since we deal with one monthly fixed cost for an unlimited supply of water. Not only do our employees love the great-tasting water, but it's also saving me time and money.
Ron Hartung
Facilities Engineer at Hearth & Home Technologies in Lake City
We had a few close calls with employees changing the heavy water bottles. I started researching drinking fountains, but found that the installation would be very costly. That's when I discovered Bottleless coolers. We got 26 units, and installation was so easy. We didn't have to make any major plumbing changes, and it only took a couple of weeks. Our employees love how fresh the water is, and they never have to deal with changing out bottles.
Dr. Chad Schultz
Chiropractor at Three Rivers Chiropractic in Onalaska
Proper hydration is essential for our patients' health. The Bottleless cooler provides cleaner, safer drinking water that just isn't possible with water bottles. Having the purest drinking water in our office for our patients and staff is a top priority, and Sterling Water Culligan helped us provide that.
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